Hello world!

I sit here staring at my computer wondering what to write? I have so little to say, but so much on my mind.

For now I will acknowledge that I have a lot swirling in my mind with regards to goals in my life, some very simple-get organized, reserve time for what is important to me. Both goals tie together to what I have been obsessing about- think of what I am doing today and how it will impact my tomorrow.

I have a vision of myself sitting at my kitchen island working on my computer, my house tidy, my dinner menu planned, my daughter Nathalia happily playing and I am working on one of my future projects.

I know that to some extent it will happen, the house may not be clean-Nathalia may not be playing but my husband would be thrilled if it was dinner and a step towards getting my project going. He is very encouraging, and on board with my goals, but most of all he loves my cooking.